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Building Whole Athletes


The Holistic Athlete Training Philosophy

Fitness & Health Consultants

We believe that building strong athletes incorporates 4 key pillars - Movement, Mindset, Recovery & Nutrition. 

At The Holistic Athlete, we believe that intentional focus on these pillars can enrich your life. We develop individualized training and nutrition plans built on the elements of mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Our strategies are backed by science, education and expert experience.

We think that everyone is an athlete of life.  

Four Pillars of Holistic Athletes


We believe that concurrent training is the key to unlocking athletic potential.


We believe that building strong systems and habits will lead to a successful approach to reaching your goals.


We believe that you can only train as hard as you can recover. We implement science based recovery protocols to help you push when it matters.


We believe that fuelling your body with what it needs to perform is critical for your best performance.

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